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Currently, you can buy National Lottery scratchcards at four different price points – £1, £2, £3 & £5. But this hasn’t always been the case.

Up until a couple of years ago, it was possible to buy £10 National Lottery scratchcards, with the top jackpot prize of £4 million up for grabs!

However, September 2019 was the official end date for £10 National Lottery scratchcards in the UK, so what exactly happened?

The Decline of £10 Scratchcards

The official line from National Lottery was that £10 scratchcards were withdrawn from sale, voluntarily, due to an independent report. This report stated that £10 scratchcards attracted problem gamblers, and was causing issues related to gambling addiction.

Although they claim that they did this voluntarily, it is likely that a lot of pressure was put on Camelot – the operators of National Lottery – to withdraw the games in order to keep the UK Government happy.

Although there were not many £10 scratchcards out at one time, there were a few different games out there.

However, prior to the £10 scratchcard being withdrawn from sale, a story hit the national tabloid papers. The story was of two friends who purchased a £10 scratchcard and won the top prize of £4 million. The only problem being, when they went to claim the prize, it was found out that they used a stolen credit card to purchase it!

This caused many stories in the press, and we can’t help but wonder if these two stories were connected in some way!

What about £10 Instant Win Games?

When the £10 scratchcards were removed from shops around the UK, Instant Win games remained unaffected.

However, very recently, National Lottery have also pulled the £10 Instant Win games from the National Lottery site, claiming the exact same reason.

So just like scratchcards, the maximum priced game you can buy when play National Lottery Instant Wins is £5.

Looking for High-Value Scratchcards?

If you want to try your luck playing some of the most expensive scratchcards – including £10 and above – it is possible to play online scratchcards at a range of different casinos.

All you need to do is pick how much you’re willing to wager!

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