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Triple Cashword Purple Scratchcard

triple cashword purple 2020 scratchcard
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How to play Triple Cashword Purple Scratchcard

Instructions taken from National Lottery website

Find a🤞🏻 to win prize.

Reveal your 18 letters in the top panel of the game.

Proceed to scratch off all the corresponding symbols from the words in the main game, using only the letters from your letters.

Count the number of complete words you have revealed.

The number of complete words you have revealed corresponds with the prize table.

If you get three or more complete words, with one of the words containing a circled letter, you triple your prize shown in the prize table.

Check Triple Cashword Purple Scratchcard

Are you having trouble understanding the rules of the Triple Cashword Purple scratchcard? Or do you just need to double check your scratchcard? Use our ‘Check Your Scratchcard‘ article for more information, or get in touch with us.

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