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What To Do With Damaged Scratchcards

Buying a winning scratchcard is great.

Do you know what is not great? When the barcode on your National Lottery scratchcard is damaged and you can’t claim your scratchcard win.

Here’s what you need to know and what to do next.

Why you need your scratchcard barcode

When you hand over your winning scratchcard to a shopkeeper, they do two things.

They scan the barcode in the machine, and then they type in the 4 digit code that is found on the scratch panel of the scratchcard.

This confirms whether your prize is a winner or not and determines whether you get your cash.

Here’s what to do when your scratchcard barcode is damaged.

But there’s 2 barcodes on my scratchcard?!

Have you ever noticed that there’s two barcodes on the back of your scratchcard?

There is a reason for this.

One of the barcodes is the standard barcode which is scanned into the till so you pay the right price – just like any other item.

The other barcode is what is required when it comes to paying out.

This barcode and the 4 digit code are unique and what identifies which prize to which scratchcard.

If this barcode is damaged, then you might have a problem.

How bad is the damage?

Sometimes, a bit of damage isn’t the end of the world.

If your scratchcard is still intact, then there’s a chance that it is still scannable.

Just go in to a shop and ask them to check it out for you.

However, sometimes the damage can be quite bad.

If you have ripped a large chunk out of the barcode, or you can see it all, then that will be an issue.

This is also an issue with water damage – the ink gets smudged and you can’t make out the barcode.

Ultimately, this leaves you with just one option.

Contact National Lottery

The only way to solve this is to contact National Lottery.

They will most likely ask to see images, and you will probably have to send your scratchcard off in the post to get validated.

You can contact National Lottery a few ways. We recommend contacting them on twitter, but full details of ways you can contact them can be found here.

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