Festive Fortune (2023) Scratchcard

Festive Fortune (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

RELEASE DATE: SEPTEMBER 2023SCRATCHCARD NUMBER: 1386JACKPOT PRIZE: £300,000NUMBER OF JACKPOTS: 4OVERALL ODDS OF WINNING: 1 in 3.21NUMBER OF SCRATCHCARDS IN INITIAL RUN: 15,547,560 How to Play Festive Fortune (2023) Scratchcard In the MAIN GAME, reveal all 18 symbols under the column marked ‘YOUR SYMBOLS’. For each of these symbols, scratch them off in either or both of the grids. If you … Read more

Merry Millionaire (2023) Scratchcard

Merry Millionaire (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

RELEASE DATE: SEPTEMBER 2023SCRATCHCARD NUMBER: 1387JACKPOT PRIZE: £1,000,000NUMBER OF JACKPOTS: 3OVERALL ODDS OF WINNING: 1 in 3.01NUMBER OF SCRATCHCARDS IN INITIAL RUN: 10,602,120 How to Play Merry Millionaire (2023) Scratchcard To start, scratch off the 3 ‘WINNING NUMBERS’ and the 4 ‘MULTIPLIER NUMBERS’. Proceed to scratch off all 15 of ‘YOUR NUMBERS’ in the main grid. If 1 or more of … Read more

It Pud Be You Scratchcard

It Pud Be You (2021) Scratchcard Featured Image

RELEASE DATE: SEPTEMBER 2021SCRATCHCARD NUMBER: 1280JACKPOT PRIZE: £10,000NUMBER OF JACKPOTS: 5OVERALL ODDS OF WINNING: 1 in 3.98NUMBER OF SCRATCHCARDS IN INITIAL RUN: 15,721,920 How to Play Scrabble Cashword Scratchcard This is one of the simplest National Lottery scratchcards to play. Simply reveal the winning symbol in the middle of the scratchcard. If you match one or more symbols located under … Read more

£100,000 Christmas Scratchcard

£100,000 Christmas (2019) Scratchcard Featured Image

RELEASE DATE: SEPTEMBER 2019SCRATCHCARD NUMBER: 1173JACKPOT PRIZE: £100,000NUMBER OF JACKPOTS: 8OVERALL ODDS OF WINNING: 1 in 4.58NUMBER OF SCRATCHCARDS IN INITIAL RUN: 45,677,160 How to play £100,000 Christmas Scratchcard Instructions taken from National Lottery website MAIN GAMEMatch three cash amounts to win the corresponding prize. BONUS GAME 2Find a 🎁 symbol to win prize. Players … Read more