£2 National Lottery Scratchcards

Twice the price of £1 scratchcards, but more than twice the fun. These games vary in game style and allow players the chance to win up to £300,000 by finding a jackpot prize. There’s also loads of them being released every year!

Red Hot 7s Scratchcard

Gold 7s Scratchcard thumbnail

Gold 7s Scratchcard

Spin £100 Scratchcard thumbnail

Spin £100 Scratchcard

win all 2020 scratchcard thumbnail

Win All 2020 Scratchcard

3 Ways to Win scratchcard featured image

3 Ways To Win Scratchcard

10X 2019 scratchcard featured image

10X Scratchcard

What Are The Best £2 Scratchcards?

There is no best £2 National Lottery scratchcard, it all comes down to personal choice.

£2 National Lottery scratchcards are more prevalent than their £1 counterparts, and feature more variety in the gameplay they offer.

The £2 scratchcard that is released the most often is the £250,000 games - such as the £250,000 Green or £250,000 Gold. This feature multiple games in one, and easy to play and understand.

Combine this with one of the top prizes for a £2 scratchcard and you can see why it's one of the best.

If you like something that is simple to play, and likely to win you a jackpot prize (albeit a small one), then the £100 Loaded or £100 Multiplier might be worth trying out.

Lotto Scratchcard Pick - Top £2 Scratchcard

At Lotto Scratchcards, we like to stick to the classic £2 games.

Our favourite is the £250,000 Gold scratchcard, that has the classic 3-in-1 game design, and features a striking gold design.

With 9 £250,000 jackpots in circulation, and over 50,000,000 of the cards printed, you know you can find it in just about any store!

Best £2 Scratchcards By Odds

At the time of writing, the following £2 scratchcards have the best odds of winning a prize:

  1. Jolly 7s Scratchcard - 1 in 3.38
  2. £250,000 Gold Scratchcard - 1 in 3.59
  3. £250,000 Green Scratchcard - 1 in 3.72

Best £2 Scratchcards by Top Prizes

The top prizes available on £2 scratchcards are all of the same game design, but with one stand out winner!

  1. £500,000 Pink Multiplier Scratchcard - £500,000
  2. £250,000 Gold Scratchcard - £250,000
  3. £250,000 Green Scratchcard - £250,000

Best £2 Scratchcards by Number of Top Prizes

The £2 scratchcards with the most top prizes available are those with the lowest jackpots available:

  1. £100 Multiplier Scratchcard - 5,269
  2. Get Fruity Scratchcard - 4,944
  3. £250,000 Green Scratchcard - 10


How much can you win on a £2 National Lottery scratchcard?

With £2 National Lottery scratchcards, it is possible to win anywhere between £100 to £500,000. However, most £2 National Lottery scratchcards offer top prizes at £100,000.

What are the odds of winning on a £2 National Lottery scratchcard?

The odds of winning any prize on a £2 National Lottery scratchcard are typically between 1 in 3.70 and 1 in 4.40. Do make sure to check the individual odds of all scratchcards before playing.

How many £2 National Lottery scratchcards are there in a pack?

Each pack of £2 National Lottery scratchcards consists of 120 cards in total.

What is the RTP off a £2 National Lottery scratchcard?

The RTP of a typical £2 National Lottery scratchcard is between 65-68%. Do note that individual RTP values will vary from card to card, and could exceed the upper and lower limit stated.

What are the odds of winning a jackpot on a £2 National Lottery scratchcard?

The odds of winning a £2 scratchcard jackpot vary significantly, and are determined by individual cards. For example, the Get Fruity scratchcard has odds of winning a top prize as low as 1 in 18,000, whereas the £250,000 Gold has odds of 1 in 6,303,347!