£1 National Lottery Scratchcards

£1 scratchcards are the cheapest National Lottery scratchcards available, giving players the chance to win anything from £50 to £100,000. Not the most exciting games to play, but they make a great gift for friends!

Hot 50s (2022) Scratchcard Featured Image

Hot £50s Scratchcard

Lucky Roll (2022) Scratchcard Featured Image

Lucky Roll Scratchcard

It Pud Be You (2021) Scratchcard Featured Image

It Pud Be You Scratchcard

Cash Grid (2021) Scratchcard Featured Image

Cash Grid Scratchcard

5X (2020) Scratchcard Featured Image

5X 2020 Scratchcard

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Bee Lucky Scratchcard

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Top Dog Scratchcard

Pay Day (2019) Scratchcard Featured Image

Pay Day Scratchcard

What Are The Best £1 Scratchcards?

Determining the best £1 National Lottery scratchcards is a very subjective matter.

For many £1 scratchcards are the games they play when they are first introduced to scratchcards, maybe as a gift at a wedding reception, or within a birthday or greetings card.

For this reason, the games that are easiest to play and understand are probably the best. Games such as Money Tree Multiplier or Gold Riches are great choices.

If you want simple gameplay - and a chance to win big - then £1 scratchcards with £100,000 jackpots are good choices. Why not consider the £100,000 Red (2023) or £100,000 Green Doubler (2023) scratchcards?

Lotto Scratchcard Pick - Top £1 Scratchcard

Our pick for the best £1 National Lottery scratchcard is the £100,000 Tripler Purple scratchcard.

It has the joint highest jackpot prize available to be won, the second best overall odds of winning a prize, and with 8 jackpot prizes in circulation. So good, it has been re-released with even more scratchcards in general circulation!

Best £1 Scratchcards By Odds

The following £1 National Lottery scratchcards have the best odds of winning a prize. This include the following:

  1. Money Tree Multiplier Scratchcard - 1 in 4.18
  2. £100,000 Red (2023) Scratchcard - 1 in 4.26
  3. £100,000 Tripler Purple (2022) Scratchcard - 1 in 4.26

Best £1 Scratchcards by Top Prizes

The current £1 National Lottery Scratchcards with the top prizes available include the following:

  1. £100,000 Green Doubler (2023) Scratchcard - £100,000
  2. £100,000 Red (2023) Scratchcard - £100,000
  3. £100,000 Tripler Purple (2022) Scratchcard - £100,000

Best £1 Scratchcards by Number of Top Prizes

The following £1 National Lottery Scratchcards have the top number of jackpot prizes available:

  1. £100,000 Red (2023) Scratchcard - 9 Jackpot Prizes
  2. £100,000 Green Doubler (2023) Scratchcard - 8 Jackpot Prizes
  3. £100,000 Tripler Purple (2022) Scratchcard - 6 Jackpot Prizes
  4. Gem Smash Scratchcard - 6 Jackpot Prizes


How much can you win on a £1 National Lottery scratchcard?

Over the paste, £1 National Lottery scratchcards have come with top prizes that range from £50 all the way up to £150,000.

More commonly, the traditional 'Match 3' type £1 scratchcards typically come with jackpot prizes of £100,000, with other £1 scratchcards that vary between £5,000 and £10,000.

What are the odds of winning on a £1 National Lottery scratchcard?

The odds of winning on a £1 National Lottery scratchcard are on average about 1 in 4 to 1 in 4.5. The individual odds of all scratchcards will vary from card to card, so it is best to double check before playing.

How many £1 National Lottery scratchcards are there in a pack?

In each pack of £1 National Lottery, there are 180 scratchcards on each individual roll.

What is the RTP off a £1 National Lottery scratchcard?

The RTP of a £1 National Lottery scratchcard is between 60-65%. For example, if you spend £100 on £1 scratchcard, you would expect to receive £60-£65 in winnings. Do note that this on an overall average, and can

What are the odds of winning a jackpot on a £1 National Lottery scratchcard?

The odds of winning the top jackpot prize on a £1 scratchcard will vary from card to card. Typically, your odds of winning the top prize will range from about 1 in 4,000,000 to 1 in 6,000,000. Make sure to check the specific rules on each scratchcard before playing.