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National Lottery Scratchcard Closing Dates

If you are lucky enough to win on a National Lottery scratchcard, you need to make sure you claim your winnings before the scratchcard expires.

Once you find a winner, you need to make sure you cash it in as soon as possible, before the scratch card goes out of date.

Luckily, if you are an online scratchcard player, you won’t have this issue to worry about!

Where is the expiry date on a scratchcard?

National Lottery does not publish the expiry date on any of their scratchcards. The reason for this is because the end date can be determined by things such as how quickly all jackpot prizes are claimed, and whether there is a re-print of the initial card.

To find the expiry date of a scratchcard, scroll down to see the last dates to claim on the current set of scratchcards.

How long are scratchcards valid for?

There is no set time for how long scratchcards are valid for.

This is because the rate at which scratchcard jackpots are won, varies from scratchcard to scratchcard.

Once all the jackpot prizes for a certain scratchcards have been won, one of two things happen.

For jackpot prizes of £121,000 or below – notably £1 scratchcards and some £2 scratchcards – no new scratchcard packs are allowed to be validated.

For jackpot prizes of £121,000 or above, scratchcards can be continue to be sold until all scratchcards in circulation have been sold.

However, once a scratchcard closing date is announced, you then have a set amount of time to claim your winnings.

Current scratchcard closing dates

A few times a year, National Lottery announce the closing date of a batch of scratchcards.

Once a scratchcard has officially closed, you then have up to 180 days to claim your scratchcard winnings.

After this 180 day period, your winnings are worthless. And despite your efforts, you won’t be able to claim the cash.

Without further ado, here’s the current list of closing dates and last date to claim:

Scratchcard NameClosure DateFinal Day to Claim
New Year 202014/09/2013/03/21
Full of £500s14/09/2013/03/21
Dough Me The Money14/09/2013/03/21
£100,000 Yellow14/09/2013/03/21
£250,000 Birthday14/09/2013/03/21
Winter Wonderlines 201914/09/2013/03/21
Bee Lucky14/09/2013/03/21
3 Ways To Win14/09/2013/03/21
Monopoly Jackpot14/09/2013/03/21
Match 3 Tripler14/09/2013/03/21
Money Multiplier14/09/2013/03/21
Diamond 7s Doubler14/09/2013/03/21
Triple Jackpot14/09/2013/03/21
Treasure Bingo14/09/2013/03/21
Cashword VIP Black14/09/2013/03/21
Flamingo Fortune14/09/2013/03/21
£2 Million Blue14/09/2013/03/21
£20,000 A Month For A Year14/09/2013/03/21
£300,000 Bonus Purple14/09/2013/03/21
Instant Millionaire Purple14/09/2013/03/21

Has my scratchcard expired?

If you need to check if your scratchcard has expired or not, you should do two things.

Check the list of current National Lottery scratchcard games page and the list of closing scratchcards above. If it is not listed in either, the chances are that is has expired.

If you want to double check, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

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