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National Lottery Scratch Cards Best Odds

If you’re going to play National Lottery scratchcards, you want to make sure you maximise your chances of winning right?!

One of the big things that players overlook are the actual odds of winning a prize.

If there’s one thing you take from this article, generally speaking; the more expensive the scratchcard, the better the odds.

This means that are you more likely to find better odds on a £5 scratchcard than a £1 scratchcard.

But to make life easier for your eager players, we have compiled a table of all the scratchcards with the odds of winning a prize.

ScratchcardOverall Odds (1 in )
Triple Jackpot 20203.41
£100 Loaded 20203.95
Monopoly Gold3.28
Fruity £500s3.09
Triple Cashword Purple3.63
Cash Drop 20204.07
Temples of Treasure3.70
£250,000 Gold3.99
Jewel Bingo Green3.72
Ruby 7s Doubler4.00
Cash Lines3.34
Money Spinner4.05
£500,000 Bonus Blue3.59
£2 Million Purple3.38
Cash Bolt3.27
Cash 7s3.50
Win £503.63
£50 Million Mega Cash Showdown3.51
Mega Cashword3.66
Monopoly 85th Anniversary3.36
Instant £1004.02
Quids In4.50
£100,000 Multiplier Orange4.28
Cash Match4.45
Hidden Treasures3.51
£500,000 Red3.89
Instant Millionaire Purple3.36
Scrabble Cashword3.26
Dough Me The Money4.49
Flamingo Fortune4.55

Last updated 28th August 2020

However, it doesn’t always come down to the odds.

The jackpot prize – as well as the number available – play a big part.

For example, in the above table, the Fruity £500s scratchcard has loads of jackpots available – but the £500 jackpot is a lot smaller than some of the million pound prizes available on other £5 scratchcards.

Another example is the Win £50 scratchcard. At the beginning of this article, we actually said that £1 scratchcards generally have the worst odds. But not in this case.

The reduced jackpot prize has actually improved the overall odds, which make it one of the best £1 scratchcards to play.

Best odds or best jackpot?

You may notice that some of the best odds are with the smaller jackpot games.

If you want to win big, then maybe searching by scratchcard odds is the wrong way to approach National Lottery scratchcards.

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