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Has anybody won National Lottery Instant Wins?

Just like National Lottery scratchcards that you can purchase in stores up and down the country, not all jackpot winners decide to go public. Yet, many players often ask, ‘Can you win on National Lottery Instant Wins?

Any player that is lucky enough to win big doesn’t have to go public and they can choose to remain anonymous.

However, if you do decide to go public, you can expect a big cheque, a bottle of champagne and usually a photo opportunity – all at National Lottery’s expense.

Instant Win Big Winners

Unlike with scratchcards, where the number of jackpots per game is fixed, the number of jackpots for each Instant Win game varies.

This is because the number of jackpot prizes that are paid out are all determined by how many people play the game.

And because the odds are fixed, the more people that play, the more jackpots that should be won.

However, the number of Instant Win jackpot winners that go public are few and far between.

But, let’s look at players we do know have won.

Didzis Pirags – Preston

This story is taken from the National Lottery website and was published in December 2019.

Chef and single dad of two, Didzis Pirags – from Preston – won a massive £1,000,000 on the Merry Millions 2019 version of the game.

After logging into his National Lottery account, he discovered a balance of £6.50.

He then decided to try his luck at the £5 game, winning the £1 million prize on his first attempt!

Karen Lucock

This story was found on National Lottery’s YouTube channel, where they featured a short video with winner Karen Lucock.

Karen won £100,000 on the Monopoly Gold Classic Instant Win game, initially thinking she had only won £100.

She plans to share her win with her sons and grandsons, and treat herself to a holiday once it is possible.

You can check out the video below:

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