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Game Name: Instant Lotto
Game Price: £1
Odds of Winning: 1 on 2.99
Prize Payout: 70.00%
Top Prize: £10,000
Other Prizes: £1, £5, £10, £20, £30, £40, £50 & £100

How to Play Instant Lotto Instant Win

At the start of a game, you’re presented with a Game Play Window displaying a PLAY button (the ‘Play Button’) and the instructions ‘Match YOUR NUMBERS to the WINNING NUMBERS to win corresponding PRIZE in PRIZE TABLE’. You must select the Play Button to continue.

On the right hand side of the game, you are offered the choice to choose your own numbers, or select a lucky dip.

In total, you must have 5 numbers and a bonus ball to play the game.

Once you have your numbers click ‘start the draw’ to get started.

The six main balls are drawn, followed by the bonus ball.

If you match the any combination with prize table combination, you win the corresponding cash prize.

After all six balls and the bonus ball have been drawn, a message will show in the centre of the screen indicating the amount uou have won, if any.

A ‘FINISH’ button will appear below. You must select to complete the game.

After the game is finished, you will be presented with a message with the amount you have won (or not). Press ‘FINISH’ to end the game and collect your prize, if necessary.

Play Instant Lotto for Free!

To try a demo game of the Instant Lotto Instant Win game, you can head over to the page here. Please note, to play the game for free, players must have a National Lottery account.

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