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How Many National Lottery Winning Scratchcards are Left?

Every time you go to the shop to buy a National Lottery scratchcard, you have an important decision to make. How do you decide which scratchcard to go for?

Do you go on price? Best Odds? Instinct? Or just what you one on last time?


You need to know something first – which scratchcards have remaining jackpots left!

Here’s how you find out:

How do scratchcard jackpots work?

Every time a new scratchcard is released, the number of scratchcards released is a fixed number*, and therefore the number of each of the prizes available is also fixed.

Consider the below chart; a screenshot from the rules for the Bingo Green scratchcard:

screenshot from Bingo Green Scratchcard Game Rules

You can see here the total number of prizes, from smallest to largest.

However, there is no publicly available data for the number of remaining prizes from each tier.

That is except for the number of remaining jackpots.

*sometimes scratchcards get re-released, meaning more scratchcards are printed and put into circulation – and the number of new prizes are added at the same ratio as before

How do you find the number of scratchcard jackpots left?

There is one way to find out the number of remaining scratchcard prizes left per scratchcard. That is using data from National Lottery.

Simply head on over to the National Lottery scratchcard page, where you can see all the information about current scratchcards in circulation.

Check the below GIF to see what we mean:

national lottery scratchcard game GIF

In the far right column, you can see the number of remaining scratchcard jackpots for each scratchcard.

As you can see, some of these scratchcards in the above example have 0 remaining jackpots, yet they are still for sale!

This table is updated on a daily basis from Monday to Friday, not including public holidays.

Use the in-store scratchcard monitors

National Lottery don’t tend to publicise when scratchcards that are still for sale, but there is one place they do.

Check out the monitor located just below the scratchcards (see photo below) and sometimes this will alert you to what scratchcards have had all their prizes claimed!

Just make sure that you don’t damage any winning scratchcards and that you claim winnings before the scratchcard expires!

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