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How Many Scratchcards are in a Pack?

Have you ever thought about buying a full pack of scratch cards?

If so, you probably need to know how many National Lottery scratchcards in a roll so you can play your next bulk buy.

The thing is, the price of the scratchcard determines how many you can buy from one pack.

For example, in the UK, a pack of £1 scratchcards will contain a different amount of scratchcards to a pack of £5 scratchcards.

Below, we tell you how they vary, and how you can find out for yourself.

The number of scratchcards in a roll

Finding out the number of scratch cards per roll is easy.

And National Lottery have made it even easier to find out with the updated design on the back of new scratchcards.

Take this new design example from the Fruity £500s scratchcard.

It clearly states that the pack value is £300, with 60 scratchcards per pack.

Scratchcard packs are the same size for each priced scratchcard, and are as follows:

£1 Scratchcards

Pack value of £180 – 180 scratchcards per roll.

£2 Scratchcards

Pack value of £240 – 120 scratchcards per roll.

£3 Scratchcards

Pack value of £180 – 60 scratchcards per roll.

£5 Scratchcards

Pack value of £300 – 60 scratchcards per roll.

How to buy a full pack of scratchcards

If you want to buy a full pack of scratchcards, you can only do so by buying directly from any shop that sells scratchcards.

Most of the time, all their stock will already be in the display unit by the till, but sometimes they will have excess stock.

You can ask what scratchcards they still have unopened packs of, or even request that they order some especially for you. But before you do this, you might want to check out scratchcard odds, to find those with the best odds.

This might be difficult in National chain stores, but an independent shop keeper may be more willing to help you out!

Need Help Checking Your Scratchcards?

The minimum amount of National Lottery scratchcards you will receive in a pack is 60. Even then, that is a lot of scratchcards to check for winners. Just make sure you properly understand how to play the game before you get started. But if you are unsure, let us help you check your scratchcards.

Do you get a discount on bulk buying scratchcards?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a discount on scratchcards by buying in bulk.

The only way to get a discount on scratchcards, is to try out one of many online scratchcard offers. New players can receive free scratchcards on their first deposit or discount for buying more than one!

Just make sure that you don’t damage any winning scratchcards and that you claim your scratchcard before it expires!

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