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How to Claim National Lottery Scratchcard Winnings

If you’ve checked your scratchcard, and you are sure you have a winner – all you need to do is claim your National Lottery scratchcard winnings! Just make sure it’s not a damaged scratchcard!

But the amount of money you have won, determines how you need to go about claiming your winners.

Just make sure you claim your winnings before your scratchcard expires!

Did you know, that you can be get scratchcard winnings paid out in cash, cheque or even on to a debit card!

Claim winnings up to £100

If you’ve ever won on a scratchcard, you’ve probably claimed a prize of £100 or less.

Simply, go in to any shop that sells scratchcards and hand over your winning scratchcard!

Claim winnings from £100 – £500

It is still possible to claim scratchcard winnings between £100 and £500 at your local scratchcard stores.

However, not all stores will agree to pay out larger cash sums – mainly if they don’t have enough cash in the tills.

Your best chance to claim cash up to £500 from a store is to go to a large supermarket. Otherwise, you will need to go to a local Post Office to claim your prize – see guide below.

Claim winnings up to £500 – £50,000

If you are lucky to win an amount in excess of £500, you can no longer go to your local store to claim a cash prize.

You therefore have two options – go to a National Lottery Post Office, or get in touch with National Lottery directly.

Post Offices can pay out a maximum of £500 cash, with the rest as a cheque.

National Lottery will pay out all prizes as a cheque.

To receive a National Lottery pay out, you need to send off your scratchcard in the post, or take it into one of National Lottery’s regional centres!

Claim winnings over £50,000 and jackpot prizes

If you have a scratchcard that has won in excess of £50,000 – the chances are that you have won a jackpot prize – well done!

To claim a prize this big, you must get in contact with National Lottery.

To validate your winnings, you will need to complete a prize claim form, present the winning scratchcard and proof of identity.

Cash is usually paid out as cheque or by a direct bank transfer.

Can you claim scratchcards online?

Unfortunately, there is no way to claim your National Lottery scratchcard winnings online.

Your only choices are the above; take it to a local shop, Post Office or send off your scratchcard to National Lottery.

Which Post Offices can you claim scratchcards at?

There are designated Post Offices from which you can claim scratch card wins.

Luckily, there’s a really easy way to find a list of Post Offices that will pay out scratchcard winnings.

Firstly, head over to this Post Office page.

Type in your postcode and select ‘Prize Payments’ from the bottom of the list – see the screenshot below:

post office national lottery screenshot

But if claiming scratchcard prize money sounds like too much money and effort for you, why don’t you check out online scratchcards instead?

And if you fancy re-investing your winnings in some new scratchcards, maybe it’s time to find out how many scratchcards are in a pack?!

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