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Cash Burst Fruity Instant Win

Cash Burst Fruity Instant Win Screenshot

Game Name: Cash Burst Fruity
Game Price: 25p
Odds of Winning: 1 on 2.96
Prize Payout: 62.50%
Top Prize: £500
Other Prizes: 25p, 50p, £1, £1.50, £5, £6, £10, £15, £20, £30, £50 & £80

How to Play Cash Burst Fruity Instant Win

At the start of a Play, You are presented with a splash screen displaying the Game name, the message ‘WIN UP TO £500’ and a ‘PLAY’ button. You must select the ‘PLAY’ button to continue.

Purchase a game to play and press the ‘PLAY’ button.

When the game loads, you see the main game load which contains 39 bubbles.

Burst 15 bubbles of your choice to reveal the ‘FRUIT’.

Match at least three of the same fruit to win the corresponding prize in the game table at the bottom of the game.

The game continues until you have picked all 15 bubbles and the ‘GOES TAKEN’ reaches 0.

Upon completion, you are told if you have won a prize – and how much – otherwise the message ‘NO WIN THIS TIME’ will appear.

Press complete to end the game.

Play Cash Burst Fruity for Free!

To try a demo game of the Cash Burst Fruity Instant Win game, you can head over to the page here. Please note, to play the game for free, players must have a National Lottery account.

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