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Can you win on National Lottery Instant Wins?

Instant Wins are the name that National Lottery give to their online scratchcard games.

Like National Lottery scratchcards, the games available to play are constantly changing with different prizes available to be won.

So of course, it is possible to win on National Lottery Instant Wins, the amounts you can win will vary from game to game?

How do I find out what I can win?

The prize breakdown of all Instant Win games are clearly stated on the National Lottery website.

Each game has a prize table published in their online game procedures, alongside the rules and procedures to play every game.

Here at Lotto Scratchcards, we actually publish pages on ALL National Lottery Instant Wins, which help you to find the different prizes you can win with ease!

What are the odds of winning each prize?

The odds of winning a prize for each game varies.

But, one thing that is true for all games – the higher the prize, the higher the odds of winning.

There are two things you need to look at here:

The ‘odds of winning a prize’ are the overall odds that state your chance of winning ANY prize.

The ‘prize payout’ is the percentage of money that is paid back to players playing the Instant Win games.

For example, if the prize payout is set at 62.00%, this means that for every £100 spent on the game, £62 is returned to players as prizes.

But, the prize payout percentage is set for ALL players of Instant Win games, not on an individual basis!

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