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£250,000 Multiplier Orange Online Scratchcard

£250,000 Multiplier Orange Scratchcard screenshot

Game Name: £250,000 Multiplier Orange Online Scratchcard
Game Price: £2
Odds of Winning: 1 on 2.94
Prize Payout: 70.00%
Top Prize: £250,000
Other Prizes: £2, £4, £10, £20, £40, £100, £200, £1,000 & £5,000

How to £250,000 Multiplier Orange Instant Win

There are three games on this online scratchcard.

In Game 1, find a ‘Diamond’ symbol to win the corresponding prize.

In Game 2, find a ‘Crossed Fingers’ symbol to win the corresponding prize.

In Game 3, match three identical symbols to win the like prize. Alternatively, find a ‘Briefcase’ symbol to win £10.

If you in, reveal the multiplier symbol. It is possible to multiply your winnings by two, five or 10 times the amount!

Play £250,000 Multiplier Orange Online Scratchcard for Free!

To try a demo game of the Instant Lotto Instant Win game, you can head over to the page here. Please note, to play the game for free, players must have a National Lottery account.

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