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National Lottery Scratchcards

Most people in the UK will be aware of National Lottery’s scratchcards. These are a staple feature of checkouts in newsagents and local stores up and down the country in anywhere that sells National Lottery products. National Lottery scratchcards come in 4 different prices, £1, £2, £3 and £5. This was after the £10 scratchcard was removed from sale – for good – in 2019. Jackpot prizes for these scratchcards range from £50 all the way up to £2 million for the £5 scratchcards. National Lottery scratchcards are released approximately every month, with most new releases coming on the first Monday of each calendar month. The number of scratchcards released per month varies, but tends to be busiest around the start and end of each year. New scratchcards are generally have the same design and gameplay as previous scratchcards, but have a slightly different name and come in a different colour. Occasionally, brand new scratchcards come out with a completely new design. Many players struggle to understand the rules of new games, and we offer help via our ‘check your scratchcard’ article.

National Lottery Instant Wins

Many fans of National Lottery scratchcards also like to try their luck with online scratchcards. National Lottery offers many online versions of the same scratchcards that you see in the shops. These are called ‘Instant Wins’ and often replicate the exact gameplay as their paper alternatives. Some Instant Win games are unique to National Lottery online, but at any one time there are usually ~50 games to choose from, at a variety of price points. Luckily for National Lottery Instant Wins – or people looking to get started – we cover all individual games as well as player guides for the most common questions from all of our players!

Online Scratchcards

As well as National Lottery’s online scratchcards, there are plenty of online gambling sites that offer online scratchcard games. The range of games varies from site to site, and the price points of these games can very from as little as 5p a game all the way up to £25 per game. But, online scratchcards have one distinct advantage. The odds of winning a prize are a lot better. This means players are more likely to receive a higher RTP (return-to-player) than if they played physical National Lottery scratchcards.