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Want to play the National Lottery, but don’t want to wait for the weekly draws? National Lottery Scratchcards are the answer! With games starting from just £1, and increasing to £5 a game, you can win yourself a prize up to £2,000,000!

At Lotto Scratchcards, we help you learn what National Lottery Scratchcards are available to play today, how many top prizes are remaining, game closure dates, and other vital information for players new and old!

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Current National Lottery Scratchcard Games

Check out the full list of live National Lottery scratchcards that are valid, and available to buy in shops across the UK.

Last Updated:

Game NameGame NumberPriceTop PrizeRemaining Top Prizes
£100 Loaded1390£2£1004558
£100 Multiplier1361£2£1002108
£100,000 A Month For A Year1375£5£1,200,0004
£100,000 Green Doubler1357£1£100,0002
£100,000 Red1377£1£100,0009
£100,000 Tripler Purple**1334£1£100,0001
12 Pays Of Christmas1383£5£1,200,0003
£120,000 Richer1354£2£120,0000
£250,000 Gold1378£2£250,0009
£250,000 Green1347£2£250,0003
£2 Million Black1382£5£2,000,0003
3 in 11364£5£1,000,0002
£500,000 Pink Multiplier1371£2£500,0000
Bank The Cash1346£5£1,000,0001
Bingo Bonus1366£3£300,0003
Bingo Crazy1381£3£300,0004
Black And Gold1331£2£100,0001
Cash Vault Jewels1393£1£10,0006
Cashword Blocks1367£3£300,0003
Cashword Extra***1349£3£300,0000
Dice Towers1376£5£1,000,0003
Festive Fortune1386£3£300,0004
Full Of £1,000s1380£5£5008258
Full of £1,000s1373£5£1,000454
Gem Smash1336£1£10,0006
Get Fruity1342£2£100313
Gold 7s1348£2£100,0004
Golden Fortune1359£3£300,0001
Holiday Cash1399£3£300,0002
Hot Money1337£1£5,0002
Jolly 7s1385£2£100,0005
Jungle Jackpot1363£3£300,0001
Lucky Drop1379£2£50,0005
Maze of Fortune1389£3£300,0003
Mega Multiplier1360£3£300,0003
Merry Millionaire1387£5£1,000,0002
Millionaire 7771368£5£2,000,0001
Millionaire Maker1369£5£1,000,0000
Money Tree Multiplier1370£1£10,0002
Sapphire Multiplier1362£3£300,0002
Top Dog1365£2£80,0005

** An additional batch of tickets has been printed to meet demand. Additional prizes including top prizes are now available to be won.

*** The last top prize has been claimed. No new packs of these Scratchcards can be put on sale – only Scratchcards that are already on display can be sold.

Expiring National Lottery Scratchcard Games

The following list indicates which scratchcards are expiring, and the last day in which you can claim any prizes on these scratchcards. Make sure to double check you don’t lose out on any winnings that are yours!

Last Updated:

Game nameClosure DateLast Date to Claim
£150,000 Purple11/09/2309/03/24
Platinum 7s11/09/2309/03/24
Lucky Roll11/09/2309/03/24
Neon 9s11/09/2309/03/24
£5,000 A Week For A Year11/09/2309/03/24
£100 Loaded11/09/2309/03/24
£100,000 Multiplier Pink11/09/2309/03/24
Hidden Treasures11/09/2309/03/24
£250,000 Yellow Doubler11/09/2309/03/24
Gold Riches11/09/2309/03/24
Bingo Multiplier11/09/2309/03/24
Play Your Stars Right11/09/2309/03/24
Jewel Multiplier11/09/2309/03/24
Lucky Lines11/09/2309/03/24
£100,000 A Month For A Year11/09/2309/03/24
£120,000 Richer11/09/2309/03/24
£100 Doubler11/09/2309/03/24
Gold Fever11/09/2309/03/24
£250,000 Orange11/09/2309/03/24
Cashword Doubler11/09/2309/03/24
£500 Loaded11/09/2309/03/24
Double Match11/09/2309/03/24
Bingo Pink11/09/2309/03/24
Winning 77711/09/2309/03/24
£100,000 A Month For A Year11/09/2309/03/24
Spin Match Win11/09/2309/03/24
Win £5, £10, £20 or £5011/09/2309/03/24
Super 7s11/09/2309/03/24
£75 Million Cash Spectacular11/09/2309/03/24
£2 Million Blue11/09/2309/03/24

Want to learn more about the rules surrounding National Lottery expiry dates? See more information about National Lottery scratchcard closing dates.

Christmas Scratchcards 2023

Every year, National Lottery releases a selection of Christmas-themed scratchcards to celebrate the yearly event.

Normally released in September, National Lottery has already treated us to four different scratchcards, although we are expecting to see more in the upcoming weeks.

The following scratchcards have been released so far:

How To Play National Lottery Scratchcards

National Lottery scratchcard games can be played in a variety of different ways, but typically follow the same format regardless of the card.

Common on £1 scratchcards is the game format where you have to match three identical cash amounts to win. On other games, you have to match ‘your number’ with a ‘winning number’, find a ‘winning symbol’ or match ‘two identical’ symbols.

There are also methods where you have to find a bonus symbol – such as a ‘crossed fingers’ symbol, a ‘diamond’ symbol or a ‘££’ symbol.

If you need help understanding any particular game, we publish the full game rules for each game that is released to help you out. But if you are still unsure, then do make sure to contact us for help and a second opinion.

Where Can I Buy National Lottery Scratchcards?

National Lottery scratchcards are available across many stores in the UK.

You can find scratchcards at major superstores – such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Morrisons – some Post Offices, off licences and smaller stores.

Any store that sells National Lottery tickets will usually sell National Lottery scratchcards too. You can also claim any prizes from any store that has a National Lottery terminal, and they usually have a National Lottery stand or badge somewhere at the front of the store.

Do note that it is not possible to find every scratchcard for sale in a single store. Stock levels vary from store to store, so make sure to ask if you are looking for a particular game, or find an alternative store.

How to Find A Scratchcard Number

You’ll notice that we make a note of highlighting the game number of each National Lottery scratchcard that we feature. We do this so you can make sure you correctly identify the right number when looking for information about a game.

The number is a four digit number, usually starting with ‘1’. You can find the scratchcard number on the back of any game – just look for a code such as “1234-1234567-890“. The first four numbers are the scratchcard number you are looking for.

It is important to note that the scratchcard number is not the four digit code you that can be found within a square on the front of the scratchcard that you reveal. This number is used to verify a scratchcard when you go to claim any winnings.

Online Scratchcards

Online scratchcards are digital versions of paper scratchcards that are available at a range of online casino and gambling websites.

Just like paper scratchcards, you choose how much to pay for your scratchcard, and then reveal the game panels, depending on the game you play.

Online scratchcards offer many advantages of National Lottery scratchcards for players.

There is much more selection with online scratchcards, as they are multiple companies working on developing new designs and gameplay mechanics.

With National Lottery scratchcards, the minimum price for a scratchcard is £1, with the maximum being £5. However, online scratchcards offer a wider range of prices, often starting from as little as 10p per game, increasing up to £30 a go!

Prices are just better, so are the odds and RTP (return-to-player).

The odds are much better because there are less overheads with online scratchcards. There is no cost associated with printing the scratchcards out, and there is no need to pay for shipping and distribution costs to deliver scratchcards from warehouses to shops. Because of this, the RTP (return-to-player) is also much better, meaning you are likely to receive a larger proportion of your stakes back as prizes.

Finally, some scratchcards can be hard to play, and understand whether you have actually won. If you win on an online scratchcard, it tells you instantly and puts the money straight into your bank account!

Oh, and if you need help checking a National Lottery scratchcard, just ask us to check your scratchcard!

National Lottery Instant Wins

Instant Wins are the name given to online versions of National Lottery scratchcards, that are only available to play at National Lottery.

With Instant Wins, you can play some similar games to the paper version, as well as games that are unique. But just because these are essentially online scratchcards, don’t expect to see better odds or RTP values like you would at other online casinos.